5 IGTV series ideas for artists to grow a strong community !

Are you running out of IGTV video ideas ? Here’s 5 IGTV series ideas for you to grow a strong community !

First thing first..

If you don’t know what’s an IGTV serie you can check the article here :


Now that you know what we’re talking about…

You’re wondering how can I use this feature to grow a strong community ?

Well, this new feature is pretty useful if you want your community to “binge-watch” you.

In marketing, we’re saying that someone needs to interact at least 7 times with a product to consider if they want to buy it.

The more people interact with you, the more they think about you, the more they want you.

Here’s now 5 IGTV series ideas for artists to grow a strong community.

Create a limited vlog serie

It can be for an upcoming project such as a single or an album.

Show the process of creation

Your struggles…and how you overcome it all.

Show the behind the scene of what is like to be an artist / creator…

Make a “what I wear in the week”.

Obviously, if you’re selling merch, insert it in one of your videos.

More traffic for you and it’s free !

Singing or rapping challenge.

What about a singing or rapping challenge ?

I personally make “trap cover”….the challenge is to transform any worship song into a trap song !

Review your favorite movies / video shows

“But it’s not related to my music” you might think.

Well, it can if something in a movie inspired you or remind you of your song.

Even if not, your followers want to know you more.

Showing what you’re usually watching will help them connect to you.

Remember…we want to have a strong community.

So let them know you and interact with you more !

Now a bonus tips before we go…

Make your audience participate in the creation of your videos.

Ask them what should you review next or what should you rap on for example.

All those examples were specific but can be used in any creative industry !

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