Why is my Instagram story views decreasing ?

Are you wondering why your Instagram story views are decreasing? Why is it so low now?

Don’t worry it’s happening to everyone on Instagram right now ! And well that’s actually a great thing, let me tell you why !

Why you did you had a lot of views ?

Growth hackers on Instagram (people using techniques that can be suspicious to grow fast) found a way to watch any stories with bots.

It’s called : Instagram mass story.

Source : Alec Wilcock (Youtube Channel)

With this tool, if you’re a social media guru you can target everyone following GaryVee for example.

The bots will then watch any stories of those people. The point ? If you don’t have a lot of followers you’ll want to see who’s watching you and might follow those new people.

That’s a dirty way of using The method C from The I Care Method.

Instagram found a way to stop the bots…

Ok, but why is my Instagram story views decreasing ?

Well, Instagram found a way to temporarily stop this story mass view tool.

That’s simply why you no longer have as many views as usual !

And that’s a really great thing. You can now track if YOUR TRUE followers are watching your stories.

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